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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Module 10Ethics of AdvertisingEthics of AdvertisingThe Law Cases and Principles What should be prohibitedFraud and Deception o Fraudunderstood as an intention falsehoodDone for the purpose of making a profit o Types of FraudTelemarketing scamsMisleading advertisingCommercial FraudWould the average consumer misunderstand this ad as presentedIs the ad being constructed in such a way to be misunderstoodIs this being done for profitWhat kinds of things fall under these categories of fraud and deception o Product GuaranteesNo intention to carry through on durability and quality guarantees o Money back Promises o TestimonialsExperts or use of quotes to sell products o ContestsRules of legitimate contest can be complicated and are often contested by the average consumer when its unclear it results in a lot of litigationo SalesThere are legal limits for length of salesa sale cannot last for more than 13 of a yearClosing sale ha to be a closing saleIrwin Toy Decision 1989 o Important it starts out in a promising way for advertising o The freedom of speech guaranteed in the charter applies not only to political expression but also to advertising except when it comes to advertising for children o Why Law views children as irrationalDeemed to be more susceptible and less discriminating to their judgementUniquely influenced by advertisingEntitled to more protection from the tools that advertisers and marketers are allowed to use on adults o What kind of speech should still be okay for kids o Are there certain ways of advertising to children that you clearly think are wrong o What things are illegal to advertise to childrenCigarettes and alcohol
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