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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Definitions of Core TermsEthicshow you should live your lifeoThe values and ideals that apply to our actionsNested in the definition of ethics is Moralityhow should you treat other peopleNested within morality isJusticehow should social institutions be shaped oVital social institutions that have a huge impact on how we get treatedLegal systemwho gets to make all the decisions decision making processGoverning processpolitical processEducationwhat should we teachReligionsome people include this some people dont how powerful are religious institutions in modern day society 100 years ago but still todayHealth carehow should it be structured and funded FreemarketEconomic Organizationhow the economy is organized and its core ground rules It has a lot to do with power and peoples opportunitiesHow should the economy be put together Should there be free market or regulationTeleologyVirtue EthicsDefinition the rootstelos and logosoLogosThe study of something or an inquiry into something biology is the study of life psychology is an inquiry into the human mindoTelosGoal end or purposeoDefinition of teleology An inquiry into purposeoAristotle an ancient Greek philosopher Said that what makes human beings unique from animals is Rationality this gives us the capacity for reason which brings us to asking the question of ethics how should I live my lifeAristotle believes that we should live our livesRationallyLive a life according to reasonTo the fullest extent capableoTeleologists believe there is a purpose of life and the point of life is to fulfill it to the best of your abilityachieve a goal and realize an endlifeReasonoWhat is the rational Theoreticaldoesnt concern us in an ethics classScienceMathematicsFormal logicPracticaldoes concern us in an ethics class
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