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University of Waterloo
PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Module 9JurisdictionsThe Diversity of Jurisdictions International Business and Ethics o Do these things go together at all o What is controversial about international businessThe plurality of jurisdictionsThe plurality or diversity of moral beliefsThe Business Context o Focus on the things that are uniqueDiversity of jurisdictionsHow to deal with international regulationsHow to deal with diversity of moral beliefsWho should prevail in business negotiationsWhat are the ethical issuesShould accompany engage in illegal activities which are legal in other countriesThe law o There is no uniform international law regulation businessNot yet a position in the history of humanity where that kind of unification and cooperation is possibleSome companies and industries make their profit based on diversity of jurisdictions and what happensThere are attempts on both regional and global basis to work out some rules and laws regulating international business Eg Accountants making profit by advising companies on how to move their assets aroundTake advantage of the difference in tax laws o Grand Cayman o Isle of Mann o Monaco o Costa Rica o BermudaSeeking out their place in international tradeDifferences Between Regional and Global Business Institutions Their Nature and RulesRegional Business Institutes Global Arrangements regarding BusinessRegional Multilateral Institutions o Countries in a region have signed an agreement between themselves o CanadaFree Trade Agreement with Us 1989Extended to NAFTA which added Mexico 1994 o Variety of arrangementsSome South American countiesSoutheast Asian countriesEuropean Union o Most developed agreement with a consistent set of rule and regulations on a regional basis o PoliciesTariffsLabour standardsEnvironmental standardsCommon currencyEuropean Central banksets common interest rates throughout territoryRobust common political institutionsCommon tax rateEuropean parliament o Europe grows out of historical set of circumstances that are not paralleled in other parts of the worldEuropean Union formed to prevent another war between France and GermanyBegan as tariff agreement in steel and coal industry 1953Economic and political integrationMany countries signed on as a way to boost their economies after WWIISeeking to reduce tariffs to increase the volume of tradeRational for political integration of Europe is to create stronger economic integration o The Issue with NAFTA is that there is a party with disproportionate powerOne of the reasons for Europes success is that there is relative equality of power and size of economiesCooperative arrangements do not work as well when you have one party who has incredible advantage in terms of finance and populationCanadaAs Americas neighbour and because our economy is closely tied we dont like it when America acts in unilateral and unpredictable ways o Reason to advocate Americas entry into multilateral global institutions o Better able to predict what they are going to do and to cushion ourselves accordingly Dont want to be included in common institutions with Americans in which they will clearly have the majority of the power o eg United nationsother big powers which will check American interestsIf there were common NAFTA institutions Canadas interests would not have importance in terms of economic and political cloutGlobal Business InstitutesGlobal Economic Institutions
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