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Module 8 – Employment Equity and Affirmative Action.docx

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University of Waterloo
PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Module 8Employment Equity and Affirmative ActionEmployment Equity vs Affirmative ActionWhen you hear those words do you get a good feelingWhat do you think ofEmploymentEquityAffirmativeAction Employment Equityterm used in Canada Affirmative Equityterm used in USTarget Groups o In Canada there are four groups targeted for employment equity benefitsAboriginalsDisabledVisible minoritiesWomen o In the US these groups are divided differentlyVisible minoritiesNative AmericansSpecial emphasis on African AmericansWomen DisabledThere are different Kinds of Employment Equity or Affirmative Action PoliciesEven though most exampledebates about these come up with jobs its more than just that it is also o Hiring o Promotions o Entrance into Educational ProgramsLaw schoolMedical schoolGeneral BA o Professional QualificationsMeans for getting professional qualificationsCanadian and US Legal ContextThe differences o Canadian Legal ContextCharter of Rights and FreedomSection 15 split in to 2 partsEquality of law is not in Section 15Section 15 has two parts Antidiscrimination and exemptionso US Legal contextBill of RightsGuaranteed equality under the law o Section 15 It is a violation of an individuals rights to discriminate against them on the grounds ofGender Age Marital Status race Religion o 152 Any program of affirmative action or employment equity does not count as a violation of 151Some criticize employment equity as reverse discrimination
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