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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Module 7Intellectual PropertyIntellectual PropertyNot in the text but much controversy over itWhat is intellectual propertyFields in Which Intellectual Property Issues Arise o Software Medical research Biochemical research Advertising Marketing Design Fashion Engineering Television Production and film Commercial Publishing Construction Key ethical and legal questions about intellectual propertyWho should own and benefit from the creation of new knowledge o Intellectual propertyRights of ownership to a new piece of knowledgeTangible Form Eg Own commercial that one has produced o Theres the film and digital productAbstract FormEg Own an equation in chemical engineering o Abstract equation that are important to healing a virusEg HIV ResearchMany intellectual property claims are made as researchers pursue more effective treatmentsControversy over affordability of treatments due to intellectual property protectionThose who own drugs want to be paid a certain amount to ensure a profitDeveloping world where problem is biggest cannot afford drugsStrong humanitarian argument for access to knowledge but at the same time have intellectual property claimWhat do you doWho should benefit from that knowledgeThe Inventor should own and benefit from the creation of knowledge for 2 reasons o PersonalPublic policy decision that this is the person who morally deserves ownershipSome one needs to own it it should be the person who came up with it o SocialAs a society we benefit from people devoting themselves to production of new knowledgeIncentives must be present in laws and in economy in favour of generating new ideasPeople are not going to devote themselves to the creation of new knowledge unless they are going to get to own itBenefits to inventor have to be assured and if it so happens to benefit societyso much the better o Ex moviesyou have to pay to get it but you enjoy it
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