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University of Waterloo
PHIL 224
Heather Douglas

PHIL - September 13 Thrown out of the medieval idea - kant challenged this - western philosophy our moral obligation if we are rational beings a very clear sense of our morals – categorical imperative – its Hypothetical vs. categorical - if you want to do well in class = go to class = hypothetical - categorical claims – if… then -always hold regardless of conditions kant begins with what is categorical good – under the circumstance -good will = categorical good -its always good -nothing good is going for you – you might have a good will but nothing works – even if you were that pathetic, you aren’t capable to do anything – you still have the good will then it can sparkle and stuff – the value in itself -what defines a good will, how do you know – kant tries to answer in the text -the will in the human being will – impulse, drive, motivation will is driven by reason - rational faculty -why do we have reason over will? Kant thinks this is ridictulous – if this structure is not to make us happy Reason is a practical faculty, used to make decisions –decides what to do Use our reason to know what a good will would be Think of our duty – reason is used to think about duty and obligation Duty of self preservation intelligence is not CG if use in bad purposes actions against duty – not a action of good will actions in accord with duty but from selfish purpose – not a action of good will actions in accord with duty but from inclination – just cant help to be nice to other, you just cant help it actions from duty – from those actions that we gain the moral worth it’s the consequences of the actions – it’s the motivations for the duty maxim/law - categori
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