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Class Notes for Philosophy at University of Waterloo (UW)

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UWPHIL215Brian OrendFall

All module notes (1-10).doc

OC1802499 Page
14 Apr 2012
Definitions of core terms: ethics how you should live your life, the values and ideals that apply to our actions. Justice how should social institution
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UWPHIL215Jim JordanFall

PHIL215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Harvard Business Review, Pareto Efficiency, Business Ethics

OC56371910 Page
7 Dec 2016
Behavioural economics takes into account the reasons behind human actions. Irrational escalation is when a situation is being carried out in a manner t
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UWPHIL215Jim JordanFall

PHIL215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Professional Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Moral Hazard

OC56371911 Page
7 Dec 2016
We can directly observe the actions of others as well as their consequences. But we cannot directly observe the inner lives of others which provide exp
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PHIL215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Business Ethics, Confirmation Bias, Asteroid Family

OC1821772 Page
2 Feb 2017
Phil 215 (arbus 202) lecture 1 introduction to ethics & morality. Textbook is 2010 edition of business ethics canadian edition by damian grace and step
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UWPHIL215Brian OrendFall

PHIL215 Lecture Notes - Cardinal Virtues, Deontological Ethics, Immanuel Kant

OC12762212 Page
7 Oct 2013
Ethics is the broadest term when we think about the values and ideals that apply to our actions. Ethics: how you should live your life? (a set of ideal
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UWPHIL256Paul ThagardSpring

PHIL256 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Christian Mortalism, Turing Test, Human Computer

OC8193534 Page
16 Mar 2016
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UWPHIL327Brian OrendFall

PHIL327 Lecture Notes - Arab Spring, Natural Justice, Blackletter

OC1950133 Page
19 Jun 2014
L3 laws: received benefits argument (cid:224) plato"s crito: if you"ve received benefits from a society & its laws, you owe it gratitude and obedience
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UWPHIL145Ted RichardsWinter

PHIL145 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Kylo Ren, Critical Thinking, Mister Ed

OC91262923 Page
16 Apr 2016
(cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) (cid:1) Introduction material may be included on the midterm. Fundamental idea humans prefer no
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UWPHIL215Brian OrendWinter

PHIL215 Lecture Notes - Financial Instrument, Naomi Klein, Digital Divide

OC175174 Page
26 Nov 2012
Mid 90"s issue: global shifts around free trade and corporate consolidation. No logo: spirit to describe anti-corporate resistant. All kinds of product
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Preview notes of the course

OC3257545 Page
25 Jan 2012
Divisions of philosophy: epistemology what can you know, metaphysics what is real, ethics what should i do, what should i be, social political philosop
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UWPHIL215Brian OrendFall

PHIL215 Lecture Notes - S&P 500 Index, Elitism, Deontological Ethics

OC826794 Page
9 Dec 2012
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UWPHIL145Andrew StumpfSpring

PHIL145 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Critical Thinking

OC11332052 Page
2 May 2017
Q: what is critical thinking: critical thinking is about how to think carefully and clearly about something. In one sense, critical thinking is the abi
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