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PHYS 111
Richard Ennis

Bethany Ringel September 14 Summary #1 Vectors and 1D Kinematics Vectors Scalar: refers to a quantity or magnitude • Ex. Time, Speed Vector: refers to a quantity with a magnitude and direction • Ex. Acceleration, Force Note: The Equivalence of the magnitude and direction of vectors does not depend on their position. Coordinate Systems: are used in displaying vectors 1. Cartesian (Expressed graphically with x,y,z) 2. Polar (r, θ ) 3. Geographic (Using ex. longitude, latitude) 4. Compass (N, S, E, W directions) Vector Components 2 2 2 Using Pythagoras Theorem: lA vector= Ax+ A y • If an angle and a side are given for a right angled triangle use trig ratios ex. A = xA vectoros θ Unit Vectors Unit vectors have a magnitude of one & they can be used to define the x and y vectors in the x and y direction. Ex. A vector(3,4) = 3x vector4y vector Multiplying Vectors The magnitude is changed but the direction remains constant and if a –ve scalar is used then the direction is reversed. Ex. 54m/s north x 50m/s north = 2700 m/s north [Type
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