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PHYS 111
Richard Ennis

Bethany Ringel September 20 Summary #2: 2D Kinematics and Relative Motion Equations of Motion: 1. ∆d=¿ [(V f V)/2it 2. ∆d=¿ Vt + 0.5a t2 i vector 3. V f= V i a vector 4. V f V + 2i vector ∆d 2 5. ∆d=¿ Vtf– 0.5a vector Examples: Always draw a diagram and write down your known variables. Ex. A ball is thrown in the air from a height of 1.5m above the ground and takes 4s to drop. How fast was the ball thrown? 2 Acceleration due to gravity= -9.8m/s t = 4s ∆d=¿ -1.5m Vi= ? Use one of the equations without V. f 1. ∆d=¿ Vti+ 0.5a vector ( ∆d−0.5a vector)/t = i 2 [(-1.5m-0.5(-9.8m/s)(4s) ]/4s = V i V i 19.2m/s Therefore the ball was thrown with an initial velocity of 19.2m/s upwards. Projectile Motion: Always look at the x and y components when trying to solve projectile motion questions. These components are independent of one another but are related by time. Assuming air resistance is negligible and that the objects follow a path determined solely by the acceleration due to gravity. Example: A motorcyclist drives off a 30m high cliff with a maximum spe
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