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Kostadinka Bizheva

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Magnetic field linesMagnets Current in a coil N N S S Permanent Magnet Electromagnet Magnets and Electricity Electric current makes a magnetic field Strength of field depends on current and number of windings Iron bar has magnetic domains that are normally randomly oriented. They can be oriented by an external magnetic field. This amplifies the total magnetic strength of the electromagnet Magnets and Electricity Changing magnetic field induces an electric field. Move permanent magnet in and out magnetic fieldnge inside coil Changing magnetic field inside coil induces voltage across the coil. This voltage (and current) can power an electrical load (light bulb) Lenz’s Law Lenz’s Law: Current induced by a changing magnetic field always produces a magnetic field that opposes the change. If I push the magnet into the coil, the coil will try to push back. I need to do work on the magnet, this work gets transferred into electrical energy. Use this to make a generator Generator Lenz’s law: harder to Coil a large loadere is Load (light bulb) N Spinning magnet S Coil Transformer Primary Secondary coil Transformer core coil AC voltage in AC voltage out Th
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