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University of Waterloo
PHYS 112
Carey Bissonnette

Physics 111Summary of Week 1September 1014 2012Lecture 1 September 10 We had an introduction to the course learning that the professors name is Joseph Sanderson what is in this course and what we will take away from it such as understanding the basics of the universe solving complex problems without panic and that it will change our lives We learned about assignments quizzes the course breakdown clicker questions and group work We then reviewed significant figures physical properties vectors and problem solving steps We reviewed average velocity instantaneous velocity and average speedLecture 2 September 12 We reviewed vectors again as well as average speed average velocity instantaneous velocity and average acceleration and did a sample problem for each 2We reviewed how to do conversions msmin is divided by 60 to achieve ms kmh is divided by 36 to achieve ms We reviewed vector notation We then went over the various kinematic equations and acknowledged that they all relate displacement velocity acceleration and time in one dimensionLecture 3 September 14 We reviewed kinematic equations and did several example problems in which we had to problem sol
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