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Calorimetry Lab

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University of Waterloo
PHYS 112
Carey Bissonnette

CalorimetryEnthalpy of NeutralizationIntroductionA calorimeter is a device that can measure the heat absorbed or released by a reaction Petrucci 2011 A calorimeter is thermally insulated from its surroundings so that no heat from the reaction is lost to them this means it is an isolated system Petrucci 2011 There are two main types of calorimetersa bomb calorimeter and a coffee cup calorimeter In this experiment a coffee cup calorimeter was used This is a simple calorimeter in which the reactants are mixed in a double Styrofoam cup Since Styrofoam is such a good insulator very little heat escapes from the system into the surroundings So we treat the coffee cup calorimeter as an isolated system book The qmcTflow of heat is calculated using this equationPetrucci 2011 In this equation q is the heat transferred c is the specific heat capacity m is the mass and T is temperature Petrucci 2011 Since the coffee cup calorimeter is not sealed the external pressure will equal the pressure inside the calorimeter This means that the initial q value or the heat of reaction will be equal to the change in enthalpy HA neutralization reaction is when an acid and a base react to form a salt and water NegiAnand 2004 The heat of reaction is a result of the formation of water from the NegiAnand 2004hydronium ions and the hydroxide ionsAs long as the products and reactants of the neutralization reaction are all ionized they will not directly affect the heat of neutralization Neutralization reactions are generally exothermic An exothermic reaction is one that produces heat and as a result would cause an increase in temperature in an isolated system such as a coffee cup calorimeter Petrucci 2011The heat or enthalpy given off by a neutralization reaction is the combination of heat absorbed by the solution and the calorimeter bookAll neutralization reactions
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