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Lecture 2

PLAN103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Site Plan, Smart Growth

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Markus Moos

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PLAN 103 Lecture Road Tolls
My section of the proposal
What are road tolls from a planning perspective?
What do they help us to achieve
Official Plan
Arises from the planning act and the PPS (provincial policy statement - tells us what we should be
Official plan Outlines what planning can do
o Can we zone? What can we zone?
Someone has to explicitly tell you what you can do before you do it
A community vision document
Incorporates values from other provincial plans
o Places to grow (plan for the greenbelt)
What values do we want to use to shape our built form?
Planning for sustainability
What does this mean?
o Combats sprawl, planning for public transit, planning to avoid detrimental impacts that we
are putting on the environment
Smart growth
o Reduce sprawl due to its negative environmental, social and economic effects
What tools can planners use to attain this?
o Mixed-use, higher density, multiple centers, re-urbanizations
Municipal hierarchy of plans and policies
Official plan (two-tier municipality - provincial and several local governments)
o Overall intent and use of land
o It is very specific - covers the entire municipality - every parcel of land needs to be zoned
o So that every property owner knows what is allowed to be done to their land
o Size/type/placement of buildings
Special area designation
o for an area that requires special attention
o What you can and cannot do for areas with special heritage
o Additional detail to zoning for small areas
Secondary plan
o For new and growing areas
o You want to add a level of detail so you can have different kinds of densities of residential,
commercial, etc.
o voted on by council and then added to the official plan
o Shows lots and the placement of the housing on the lots
Site plan
o Scale of the building
o Landscaping, sidewalks, driveways
Vancouver Example
find more resources at
find more resources at
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