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Lecture 2

PLAN110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Stuffed Toy, Due Diligence, Water Table

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John Lewis

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Plan 110
Week 2
- Buildings are too unied (boring)
- No element of diversity in structure (no visual interest/ mixture of change)
- Schwartz
oContrast (create diversity – tension)
Natural (nature) and rene (geometrical form)
- Falling water
oIncorporate nature into design
oOrganic architect
oAspects of tension/contrast (natural rough texture of rock and contrast
with smooth surfaces)
oEmbed architecture into landscape
- Spain
oControlled by Islamic culture
oBalance – symmetry (focal point in open courtyard)
oGround/base plane is smooth, top its very oriented detailed
oSpirituality captures setting
oEmbed meaning
oCapable of producing realism
oHubris (only God can create perfection)
- Modern Western Europe
oPlush toy
Next week
- Articulate ideas
- Bubble diagram
- Goal statement
- Site Planning/Design Process
oDesign follows a logical sequence of steps to arrive at a viable solution
(i.e. a process)
oMulti-disciplinary – involves teams of urban designers, landscape
architects, engineers, etc.
oRequires objectivity, but allows for subjective interpretation
- Kevin Lynch (book – Image of the City)
- John Simonds (landscape architect)
oResearch: site inventory, program development
oAnalysis: site analysis
oSynthesis: conceptual design, site plan
- Site Planning/Design Process
oDesign is never a linear process
Create solution, either client/boss is going to point out issues
then have to go back and rework creation to make it better
First conception of site is not going to be perfect
- Phase 1 – Research
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