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Political Science
PSCI 100
John Jaworsky

Introduction to Criminal Justice in Canada What is Criminal LawIf something is legally wrong it does not mean necessarily that it is wrong Factors of something being found as a crime or notWho it effectsWhat can happen to you go to jail court etcA taint to it its a big deal theres a label on that person that what they did was very wrong and distasteful example speeding isnt as big a deal as a sexual assaulterMoralityCriminal wrongoften thought of as effecting more than one personall of societyCivil wronghaving a contract dispute is a civil legal wrong someone breaks a contract to shovel your driveway they dont go to the police and jail you both go to civil courtOne act you do can be both a civil wrong and a criminal wrongFor example driving down the street and hitting cars or children near a school it is a civil offense for speeding and also a criminal offence bec
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