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University of Waterloo
Political Science
PSCI 100
John Jaworsky

Film about Wrongful convictionsThe Case for Innocence about three men who were wrongfully convicted and then found innocent after 18 20 etc yearsFrank Lee Smith A little girl 8 year old Sandra was brutally raped and murdered Her mother came home one night to see someone at their house he ran when she came home She did not see his face only the back of himFrank Lee Smith had a record convicted for man slaughter when he was 13 and murder when he was 18 was on parole for the last 14 years He was son of a prostitute who was murdered and never knew his father He had already been in jail for 15 years prior to this case There was no evidence presented that made Frank guilty The witnesses only had what they thought the offender looked like a droopy eye wild hair etc Two of them were not sure it was even Frank one woman though was sure that he was the man she saw outside near the crime scene about an hour before the incident Despite the efforts of Andrew Washor the defense attorney at the time of Frank Lee Smiths trail who did not believe that Frank was guilty He was sentenced to die at the electric chair the death penalty However there was a problem with the death penalty at that time Florida stopped all supreme courts executions in 1985 until each offender could have a lawyer represent them Bret Strand Mr McClain and Mr Walsh were the defence lawyers who represented Frank Smith On the surface it looks bad for Frank Smith however as the lawyers read on it became very clear that there was actually NO evidence that pointed to him being the rapist and murdererJeff Walsh did some more digging and found some other known rapists in the area He found one man wh
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