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Lecture 4

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Political Science
PSCI 100
John Jaworsky

Week 4 Minorities in CanadaKymlickas argument of Canadian Identity Canada works wellwe have a trustworthy government Required reading two week agodiversity and demographicsdiversity and demographic frameworklooks at the consequences of diversityThe contact hypothesisWhen people of different backgrounds have an opportunity to interact intergroup hostilities are reduced People develop relationshipsThe conflict hypothesiswhen you bring different groups together there is increased conflict This could be because one group is have more then the other greater access to resources CompetitionIn Quebec there was very little conflict between the groups because they didnt interact very muchThe greater the inequality socioeconomic conflict then the less trust and less contact and more resentmentWhat determines the contact or conflict hypothesis also mediaIn Quebec the media shows that immigrants would act in a certain way Problems with immigrantsIn one small town homogenious town isolation they drew up a list of things they wouldnt let immigrants do if they came Things like we wont let you st
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