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Lecture 5

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University of Waterloo
Political Science
PSCI 100
John Jaworsky

Week 5 The reading succession and approachs to succession quesbec reading from week 4Posting notes online Human rights are usually individual rights Infringement of basic human rights Human rights are seen as universal because they are widely accepted in theory by most states in the world at least they claim to 1948 UN universal declaration of Human RightsAfter the collapse of the league of nations the foucs moved onto individual rights and not group rights The one exception to indidvual rights was certain UN documents the right to national self determination peoples have the right decide the type of political system they wish to live under This is very much a group right can only be taken advantage of by a groupThe right not to be discrimated becuase of your race ethnic group sexWith professors they can excuse a student if they are sick and miss am exam Consideration could also be given to religous groups religous holidayBecause the state is partly responsible for the native current situation they should try to help a long histroy of poor treatment To what degreeSome say that there shouldnt be policies directed against one groupjust ban any discrimination based on ethnicityif Natives Canadians do suffer then they will be compensated by the courtsmany say thisis not enoughthe abuse was so systematic and long is unde
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