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Lecture Notes - Participatory Democracy II

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Political Science
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PSCI 101
Gerard Boychuk

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Lecture Notes – Participatory Democracy Central Characteristics of the model - Meaningful mechanisms of participatory decision-making o Important implications for the size, nature, and organization of political units  How would political units redesigned if you were to increase participation  Expand range of sites for democratic decision making  Don’t think about it in respects of the current system, think of a total reorganized political system  “We need democracy where we live”. Community, work, school. Places where democracy is not usually found in our everyday lives.  Beyond Elections video. After participatory budgeting of community projects, the democracy spread to other areas  Alternative means of participation. Not necessarily abolishment of elections  More than JUST elections. More means for participation on a regular basis - VS Liberal View o A highly restricted political sphere subject to collective decision-making o All spheres of life are politicised and subject to participation - VS elite view o Emphasize no limits on the realm of decision making, but keep decision making within the elites o Deliberately making political process complicated, highly technical to require a high level of expertise, ensuring that power and decision making rests with the political elites - Required S
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