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Lecture 1 Notes - The State and Its Alternatives Excellent lecture notes taken with an in-depth analysis taken of each heading and main topic!!! Coincides well with the book "Contemporary Politics".

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Political Science
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Jingjing Huo

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PSCI110 Jan 611 2011 Lecture 1 The State and Its AlternativesWhat is a state What does it do A State has sovereignty The ability to implement policies without intervention from external forcesEx Lebanon is a marginal state Israel occupied South Lebanon The country cannot make many independent decisions Policies are determined by Israeli Syrian and UN based on regionsSecurity State is ultimate mobilizer of force of military powerChanging Ideas to policies Ex High taxes low expendituresCredible military force government departments infrastructures and law and order and economic resources are needed to implement policiesAll big decisions will be influenced by national governmentHighly institutionalized political entityInstitutionalized Cannot be changed easilyNeeds collective agreement of peopleA state will be much more difficult to overthrow once it is establishedCore Definition of a stateExercise of monopoly of violence over a given territory a Borders need to be clearly demarcated b The source of military power needs to be exclusive Warlords control military in a country but you do not have this in a state Theres only 1 entity in control Ex Afghanistan has regions with exclusive military warlords 8 total Therefore Afghanistan is a weak state because theres no monopoly of violence Warlords do not have total control of country only of certain regionsWarlords were forced to act violent because of own lack of securityEx Liberia president was tortured and cabinet ministers were tied to poles and executedc Institutions to turn policies ideas into policies Nobody knows what happens whenregime changesThe Origin of the State
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