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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Authoritarianosm ALL YOU'LL NEED FOR AUTHORITARIANISM FOR PSCI 110!!!!!!!!

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University of Waterloo
Political Science
PSCI 110
Jingjing Huo

PSCI Jan 27Feb 8 Lecture 3AuthoritarianismDefining AuthoritarianismNondemocratic system of governmentMass participation in leadership selection is limitedThe leadership could be inherited but the leader is never electedElite Competition for office is limitedMass constraint on elites is very limited over the public Elites are no longer responsive to the opinion of the publicMajority of the countries in the world are AuthoritarianMain Characteristics of AuthoritarianismIdeologically diverse from all kinds of political backgrounds from the left and centre rightLeft CommunistRight Latin AmericaNonideological Kleptocracy AfricaHighly legitimate Support and legitimacy is higher in Authoritarian regimes than in democracyTotalitarianismAn advanced category of authoritarianismFundamentalist ideology radical or reactionary when proposedCentralization of public life Almost everything is controlled from the centre Ex Central canteen numbered schools and major occupation is militaryControl over private life Ex Many family members could be informants internal level of controlA regime can establish this control with a heavy use of violenceExamples of TotalitarianismSoviet Union under StalinNazi Germany
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