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Political Science
PSCI 252
Tanya Korovkin

China: party state and market reforms 1. Communist party of china 2. from moaism to market reforms 3. reforming china’s agriculture and industry 4. China in the global economy - different from Russia. In R the Com. party lost political power and then the gov’t impelemented market reform. In C. market reforms came from within the communist party. Communist Party of China (CPC) - over 70 million members Structure - General secretary - Standing committee - Politburo - National Party - Congress - Local organizations, - Party cells. - everywhere, factories, etc. - politiburo - standing committee only 5 or 6 people, 20 member - General secretary is selected from standing committee - the way that leaders are selected in kind of mystery to the outside world. What is taken into account is such things as seniority, connections, general influence, - very hierarchical and vertical. For some time, there has been a lot of talk of incorporating internal democracy. Democracy within the party of itself. The selection of the politburo which hold a consierable amount of power has been said to need more transperancy, more competititon, etc. - Party State: china’s legislature, executive and judiciary are controlled by CPC through a system of interlocking directorships (same person holds many important posistions, different from liberal seperation of powers. - eg. the positions of the CPC;s general secretary, the country’s president, and the chairman of the general military commission are usually held by the same person. - for a long time China allowed the formation of other poltical parties as long as they operated in line with the communist party. There were 8 other parties with very small membership compared to CPC. These parties do not disagree with communist party, they operate under their direction and leadership. There were some attempts by chinese political and civic activists to organize opposition parties that would be independent and hold different political ideologies, the gov’t did not and does not allow this. Reforming the agriculture - com
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