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Political Science
PSCI 264
Oleg Kodolov

Week Two 9/17/2013 7:01:00 AM  Mayflower: agreed to be governed collectively.  Pilgrims: pre-decessors of the founding fathers.  External power was imposing something on the people without their consent. Led to Boston Tea Party (1773).  What was the justification of the Declaration of Independence (1776)?  Taxation without representation.  Violence against troops.  Abuse of power by Brits.  Principle of Declaration was independence. – written by Jefferson.  Power did not have right to abuse.  All men are created equal.  Rights, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness. o Instead of happiness, originally wanted to put property.  Articles of Confederation.  Intended to be the base of government.  League of friendship. o Between 13 colonies who were fighting against Britain. o No executive!  NO INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY. o Congress had very limited power. Not allowed to impose taxes. Had to be voluntary. o Each state had their own currency. Trade policies were not negotiated. Imposed trade barriers between each state.  EVOLVED into US Constitution. (SEPT. 17) o VERY Different. o System based on Checks and Balances. o Constitutional language is neutral. So some argue that women were included as it stated “persons”. However, many indicate that it was directed towards men – head of houses. Especially as women did not have the right to vote until 1920s. o Not entirely legal based on Articles of Confederation.  The original task was to amend the Articles of Confederation.  At the conference, decided to discard the Articles entirely and create a new document.  Today, US constitution is considered a controversial document.  Many do not say out loud that the document was created around and during a differ
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