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Political Science
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PSCI 281
Veronica Kitchen

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Handout – Gender PSCI 281 Major Questions: What is feminist IR? How does gender matter in our explanations in IR? How have women’s rights been understood in global governance? How does feminism help to illuminate divides between public & private, domestic & international in global politics? Concepts: Sex: a biological attribute (male vs. female) Gender: a social construction (masculine vs. feminine). “a system of symbolic meaning that creates social /material hierarchies based on perceived associations with masculinity/ies and femininity/ies (most often assigned by the shorthand of perceived biological sex). It is expectations, assumptions, and outcomes assigned to people, things, concepts, and ideas based on their association with one of those categories (and often assumed membership in sex categories). People, things, concepts and ideas that are associated with masculinity (including but not limited to most ‘men’) are usually valued differently than and often above people, things, concepts, and ideas associated with femininity (including but not limited to most ‘women’).” Laura Sjoberg, “Feminist IR 101 #1”. Blog Post at Duck of Minerva , 24 November 2010. Accessed 25 January 2011. Gender is a performance. IR and Feminism 1. Asks where are the women? 2. Looks at gender as a power relation. Gender is hierarchy. Men and women do not act outside of this hierarchy, so we cannot fully understand the things that men and women do without taking this hierarchy into account. 3. Feminism in IR has a normative bias and has a political agenda of change. Women’s Rights as Human Rights: quest
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