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Political Science
PSCI 281
Veronica Kitchen

Handout – Human Rights / Ethics PSCI 281 Major Questions: How do we decide what rights are appropriate? How can we enforce human rights and international law? Concepts: John Rawls’ Veil of Ignorance: A thought experiment to determine the rational way to treat others. The “veil of ignorance” prevents us from knowing the distribution of wealth / class / resources /ethnicity / education / interests of others and of ourselves. From this “original position”, how do you decide which principles of justice to use? Rawls says we will choose a) to guarantee the equal rights & liberties necessary for equal citizens to pursue their own interests and b) to ensure fair educational and employment opportunities to ensure that everyone can compete for power & has the minimum means to pursue their interests. Regime: A set of implicit or explicit rules, norms or decision-making procedures around which actors’ expectations converge in a given issue area. The major treaties of the human rights regime are the Universal Declarat
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