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Political Science
PSCI 281
Veronica Kitchen

PSCI 281 Handout – Colonialism Major Questions:  Why is it important to study colonialism?  How did the European state system get exported? What are the legacies of this export?  What is neocolonialism?  How do norms change in the international system?  What drove decolonization?  Do we still see echoes of the mission civilisatrice in today’s development and peacekeeping doctrines? Concepts and Definitions: Mercantilism “the attempt of governments to manipulate economic arrangements in order to maximize their own interests, whether or not this is at the expense of others.” (Robert Gilpin, 1975) This is a realist theory of trade. Scramble for Africa takes place after the Congress of Berlin (1884) which ratified existing (colonial) boundaries in Africa and declared that occupation was required in order to colonize. Dependent Development see text. Mission civilisatrice literally, civilizin
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