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Political Science
PSCI 281
Veronica Kitchen

PSCI 281 Handout – International Organizations Major Questions:  Why might states wish to co-operate or building international institutions?  What might prevent states from co-operating or building international institutions?  How can states overcome the problems of co-operation? Concepts and Definitions: Rivalness: the extent to which one person consuming a good prevents another person from consuming it as well Excludability: the extent to which you can prevent someone from consuming a good, ie by paying a fee. Public Goods are often subject to free rider and collective action problems. Common Resources are often subject to the tragedy of the commons. Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma What are the effects of repeating the prisoner’s dilemma over time? Liberals suggest that repeated co-operation can build trust, through a tit-for-tat strategy: co-operate in round 1, and then do as your opponent does in every subsequent round. Hegemonic Stability Theory: Realists argue that internatio
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