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Week 4 Minorities in Canada
Kymlicka's argument of Canadian Identity:
Canada works well
we have a trustworthy government
Required reading two week ago diversity and demographics
diversity and demographic framework
looks at the consequences of diversity
The contact hypothesis
When people of different backgrounds have an opportunity to interact intergroup hostilities are
reduced. People develop relationships
The conflict hypothesis
when you bring different groups together there is increased conflict. This could be because one
group is have more then the other, greater access to resources. Competition
In Quebec there was very little conflict between the groups because they didn't interact very
The greater the inequality (socioeconomic conflict) then the less trust and less contact and more
What determines the contact or conflict hypothesis, also media
In Quebec the media shows that immigrants would act in a certain way. Problems with
In one small town, homogenious town (isolation), they drew up a list of things they wouldn't let
immigrants do if they came. Things like “we won't let you stone your wife”
IN the 60's, 70s, 80s and even the 90s there was an influx of immigrants into the west
many just trying to improve their economic increases
Canadas immigration
The federal system has helped the ethnic groups like the Quebecois
but some argue that federalism encourages separatism
Read the artical on self determination to succeed
The right to national self determination
When the UN was created minority rights was sort of ignored
Not very many successions from countries since WWII
one of the few are bangladesh
Divorce, at times your want it but if you wait sometimes it works out
The baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) were occupied by the Soviet Union
this wasn't recognized by other states because of the brutal occupation
The reemergence of the Baltic states in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed there was
Rectificatory justice, they undid a wrong and they are returning to a state of justice. They became
back to being countries
The territory of Quebec was never a independent state
Discriminatory redistribution
-The American colony said this when Britian would take theri resources and tax them
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