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valtonen and al

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Barry Mc Clinchey

Valtonenal assessed patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder and determined that hopelessness predicted suicidal behaviour during depressive phases whereas a subjective rating of severity od depression and younger age predicted suicide attempts during mixed phases A significant number of people who are not depressed make suicidal attemps some with successmost notable people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder PERSPECTIVES ON SUICIDEBerkheims sociological TheoryDurkheim distinguished three different kinds of suicideoEgoistic suicide committed by people who have few ties to family society or community These people fel alienated from others and cut off from the social supports that are important to keep them functioning adaptively as social beings oAltruistic Suicide is viewed as a response to societal demands Some people who commit suicide feel very much a part of a group and sacrifice themselves for what they take to be the goof of society oAnomic suicide triggered by a sudden change in a persons relationship to society A successful executive who suffers severe financial reverses may experience anomie a sense of disorientation beucase what he or she believed to be a normal way of living is no longer possible Psychological TheoriesRisk factor model four categories of relevant factorsPredisposing factors are enduring factors that make a person vulnerable to suicidal behavioureg psychological disorder abuse early lossPrecipitating factors are acute factors that create a crisis eg end of a relationship job lossContributin
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