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processing speeds

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University of Waterloo
Barry Mc Clinchey

provided successful in improving cognition and processing speed and there was some evidence to suggest that it has also had a positive effect on some functional outcomesOther recent studies have shown that a s patients ability to recognize facial affect in others working memory and attention can all be improved though cognitive training Zakzanis has demonstrated the utility of scaffolding in the remediation of cognitive deficits Scaffaloded instruction is a concept derived from Vygotskys cognitive develop research Vygotsky proposed that everyone has a zone of current develop and that the complexity of tasks must be tailored to account for indiv current skill level and level of potential develop The scaffolding model of instruction require instructors to select tasks that reflect the patients current capabilities so that eventually they are able to solve problems for themselvesThe ultimate goal is to develop general problem solving skills and processes that patients can generalize to new situationsFound that the delivery of scaffolded instruction to patients with s relative to direct instruction significantly increased theof categories created during the Wisconsin card sorting test and that cognitive improvements were still evident one month laterThe scaffolded group also had relatively higher levels of positive affect and self esteem Thus scalffodling may lead to improvements in self regulation and self conceptualizationsEvaluation of psychological treatmentsCBT results in a reduction of the positive symp while family therapy and education contribute to lower rates of relapse and rehospitalization Integrated psychologicaltherapy IPT combines neurocgitive remediation with training in social cognition social skills and problem solvingFavoured IPT over attention placebo and standard care control groups only on outcomes that included symp psychosocial functioning and neurocogintionCase mgtassertive community treatmentAfter deinstitutionalization began in the 1960s
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