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January 24th 2013 Lecture Notes.docx

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University of Waterloo
Stephanie Denison

th January 24 2013 Research in Cognitive Neuroscience: Guest Lecture Types of Research  ehavioral to biology0  What can people do to where and how does it happen  EEG (electroencephalography) When?  temporal resolution  fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance measuring) where?  How does brain change over time  As the brain deteriorates functions what functions occur? What is normal? Early aliztimers detection Animal Research  Helps inform human research  Bing drinking effect on memory  New neurons (where you smell and part most important for memory)  Cells killed and long term memory effected for about two weeks  Those who were aloud to exercise, less neuron loss Human Lesion Studies  What functions did it take away  Broca’s: couldn’t speak but could understand  Missing ‘ Broca’ part of brain Brain Lobes  Temporal (sound and memory)  Frontal (personality)  Parietal (all senses get combined)  Occipital (vision) Unilateral or Spatial Neglect Main Symptoms  Failure to respond or notice objects on the side of vision opposite to the brain injury  An attention deficit  Common after strokes Clinical Tests  Only copy one side of figure Aspects of Neglect  Importantly memory is not is empaired  Even within memory neglect left/right side Where in the brain  Most people agree parietal lobe (averaged) What happens to neglected info  Info getting in but cannot report it  Only dress half way Rehab of Neglect  Prism Adaptation  Refractive lenses, redirect sight  More to the right and when the take them off they shift to the left and start to see in the center of their vision  Shift 90 to the middle Behavioral Research 
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