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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 -Intelligence, Ability and Talent

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Martha Savage

Notes Lecture 8 -Intelligence, Ability and Talent (pg 404-411) Module 35-1 TABLE 10.2 - though people have different abilities...intelligence is a concept and not a "thing" - when we refer someone's IQ as if it were fixed and objectively real trait like height, we commit a reasoning error called reification --> viewing an abstract immaterial concept as if it were a concrete thing - cultures deem "intelligent" whatever attributes enable success in those cultures Is intelligence one general ability or several specific abilities? Charles Spearman --> - believe we have one general intelligence (g) - helped develop factor analysis --> statistical procedure that identifies clusters of related items - certain abilities may tend to 'cluster' together that may define a general intelligence factor Satoshi Kanazawa - argues general intelligence evolved as a form of intelligence that helps people solve novel problems - believes general intelligence correlates with solving novel problems but not so much evolutionarily familiar problems such as marrying, parenting, forming friendships, navigating without maps Theories of multiple intelligences Gardner's Eight Intelligences - views intelligence as multiple abilities that come in packages - believes we do not have an intelligence but rather multiple intelligences - 8 to be exact: 1) Linguistic 2) Logical-mathematical 3) Musical 4) Spatial 5) Bodily-kinestheti
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