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Lecture 19

Lecture 19 Antisocial Behaviour

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Martha Savage

Lecture 19 Antisocial Behaviour Section 58.1, 58.2, 58.5 58.1 PREJUDICE What is prejudice? Prejudice - an unjustifiable (and usually negative) attitude toward a group and its members. Prejudice generally involves stereotyped beliefs, negative feelings, and a predisposition to discriminatory action Stereotype - a generalized (sometimes accurate but often overgeneralized) belief about a group of people Discrimination - unjustifiable negative behavior toward a group and its members Prejudice is a negative attitude; discrimination is a negative behaviour How prejudiced are people? - over the past half century, americans' approval of interracial marriage has gone up, same with women and men should receive the same pay for the same job etc - gender prejudice and discrimination still persist (gays, lesbians, fathers perceived as more intelligent than mothers) 58.2 SOCIAL ROOTS OF PREJUDICE What are the social and emotional roots of prejudice? Social Inequalities - stereotypes rationalize inequalities - discrimination also increases stereotyping and prejudice through the reactions it provokes in its victims Us and Them: Ingroup and Outgroup Ingroup - "us" - people with whom we share a common identity Outgroup - "Them" - those perceived as different or apart from our ingroup Ingroup bias - the tendency to favor our own group - ironically, we often reserve our most intense dislike for outgroup rivals most like us Emotional Roots of Prejudice Scapegoat theory - the theory that p
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