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Intelligence Tuesday March 5.docx

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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

Tuesday March 5 Intelligence (Finish up) Lewis Terman and the Dark Ages - Stanford-Binet Test - Translates Binet’s intelligence test from French to English “American” - Most widely used intelligence test - World War I, USA didn’t have an army, how do you rank all these new volunteers and quickly? Who should be the leader? - First self-reported questionnaire - Europe- based leader on class, USA- “classless” - Terman believes in eugenics, superior, inherited stock -> Caucasian, used to show superiority of American race -> goes back Galton “nature” - Non-Caucasians should be allowed to go to university, have children -> forced sterilization (eg. Saskatchewan) - Questions were aimed at the middle white class of America - Administer Intelligence test on Ellis Island as people get off boat - Start to limit the number of people from Africa and Eastern Europe as they are “less intelligent” - People without English are writing English test and then sent back on boat - Remember: Binet wanted nurture to bring children back to appropriate age intelligence, allow opportunities to find natural intelligence - Now, Terman wants to nurture intelligent children and throw away retarded children - People start to voice how the intelligence test is used to discriminate people in schools and workplace - Male bias within the test -> need to standardized test with equivalent examples relatable to popu
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