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Richard Ennis

October 2, 2012 Sensation and Perception *[Read Sensation and Perception – Biological Part in the Textbook]  Sensation is the process is which we take in the world around us o Detecting the source and interpreting it in our brain  Physical sensing of the environment. For the vast majority, it is a physiology concept  Physiological Processes  Relatively objective  Learning and experience are not required  Ex. Chalk on board  And perception is what we do with that information in our brain o It is unique and different, and what we depend on  Mental interpretation of environment  Psychological processes  Relatively subjective (Your own influences)  Dependent on learning and experience  Ex. Words on board  Sensory Perceptions: [*Note] Thalamus (Within the brain) – Relay centre of the brain for sensory input and out put. Neurons are sending messages to the thalamus, and it detects light and vision information, sending it into parts of our brain that invoke our sensory perceptions. This process is called transduction. This allows the perceptual process, changing the energy type.  Vision – Light waves are seen and then go through the brain through the thalamus  Sound (Important Sensory) – A wave sensation. o Sending auditory information into the temporal lobe, in which the brain interprets learning and education. Sounds are sent into the thalamus, which directs information to different parts of the brain  Olfaction (Smell) – Dendrites sense molecular shapes in the air, detecting and binding the smell through the mucous membrane of nose, going into the olfactory nerve o Exception: This does not go through the thalamus, going through other parts of the limbic system, like the amygdala, hippocampus, etc. o Animalistic instinct/emotion – can invoke different emotions (E.g. The smell of French fries, the smell of a loved one). It is a primitive sense o Humans, though have the worst sense of smell o Subliminal Perception – It doesn’t influence behaviour tho
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