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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

13 September 2012 Introduction to Psychology The ABC’s of psychology are necessary to examine a phenomenon:  Affect (the emotional impact of things) – how you feel  Behaviour (the actions that they engage in) – what you do based upon one’s relationship  Cognition (the various mental processes) – how do they think about people THE BASIC M ODEL Environment (one’s circumstances) X (the interaction between the person and environment) Person/People --- Behaviour --- Outcome SIGMUND FREUD – SYCHODYNAMIC  Our personality traits and mental health issues stemmed from one’s unconscious  One’s behaviour is a means to resolve the issue in the unconscious  Psychodynamic discusses the conflict between the 2 sides of the mind SKINNER – BEHAVIOURAL AKA NATURALIST )  The real issue was the influence of the environment on the person  The most important interaction between the environment and the behaviour – known as stimulus-response.  Diametrically opposed to the psychodynamic theory.  These theorists are the academic-level of psychology; is more grounded in universities around the world.  The only way to become an empirical scientist was to analyze the observable (the environment) not the unseen (the mind). Cognition  The mental processes that lead one to make the decisions that they make due to some sort of stimulae.  They too look to examine the individual but in a different manner than Freud Biological  Neuropsychology o They study the ABC’s in order to understand how the brain interprets them. o There are several chemicals moving about (chemical balance) causing the emotions that people experience.  Evolution o Is it possible for human thoughts to evolve as well as the corporal bodies?  Genetics
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