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March 26 - Finish up Social Influence and Psychopathology.docx

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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

Tuesday March 26 Finishing up Social Influence Obedience to Authority Stanley Milgram - Most famous study - Influenced by Holocaust horror - Study for two people about the effects of punishment on students - Random draw for student or teacher -> both sheets said teacher - Read 10 words to student, student will read back, if student makes a mistake, deliver electric shock, increase the voltage after every mistake - Milgram recording encouraged continuation of study despite screams from students - People are willing to inflict pain to person who hasn’t harmed them - Inflict pain + disobeying authority = wrong - 2/3s of people opt for inflicting pain as opposed to disobeying - The power of environment on behaviour - Same result for women and men as teacher Factors Influencing Obedience - Control -> no commands, teacher continues without prompting 5% of people obedient and go to XXX - Both males and females baseline 67% went to XXX - Obedience drops to 50% when study held at office building - Obedience drops to 20% when ordinary person in charge - Obedience drops to 20% when researcher in different location - Obedience drops to 40% when see student (actor) in pain - Obedience drops to 30% when have to hold student’s hand to metal plate - Obedience drops to 10% when two researchers rebel against Milgram The Dating Game - Patriarchal society with breadwinner: “sex for success” - women exchange sex for support and financial reasons Social Exchange: The Dating Marketplace - Sex exchange trend has diminished but still most prevalent - Men looking for younger women, age difference varies with country - Men market themselves as a good support, with commitment, ambitious - Women look for that type of man - Women market themselves as ideal younger women men want Evolution of Dating - “sex for success” may be product of human history and evolution a) Inclusive Fitness - Main motive of evolution is to procreate - Must do 3 things to pass on message (genetics) b) Optimal Strategies Optimal Strategy for Women - Genetic packet- Ova (eggs) - Availability – 1 per month - Life Supply – (assuming 40 years of fertility) 400 opportunities to meet biological imperative minus 9 for each success - Optimal strategy – Selective, get best possible partner Optimal Strategy for Men - Genetic packet – sperm - Availability – millions per minute - Life Supply – infinite - Optimal Strategy – Opportunistic, as many as possible as often as possible, have sex with many women, some may get pregnant, then have children, and then some of those children reach sexual maturity c) The Family Option: A Social Exchange - Men contributions: provision of resources, protection - Resources may change but intelligence with ability to adapt to change is important d) Dating Rituals - Women determine what genetic profile is valuable - Men demonstrating resourcefulness through competition - Women know what they want in a mate while men do not necessarily Physical Attraction - What role does (physical) beauty play in relationships Attractive Physiques - Connections to evolutionary past - Women = hour glass shape  broad breasts and hips for child rearing and caring - Men = triangle  broad shoulders, tiny waists -> for protection - When women shown shapes, women tend to point to thin shapes more nowadays - Men still point to fuller figures - Women think men would pick thinner figures a) The Beauty of Bias - Beauty is socially, culturally determined - Those considered beautiful have more social advantages - Physical appeal important for initial attraction - Expect “beautiful outside = beautiful inside” - Eg. when good looking person commits a hei
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