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developmental psychology

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Stephanie Denison

Developmental Psychology False Belief Research - different ppl have different minds - story book - camera in book tracks where they are looking. notice they look in the right location first, but then say the other. - maybe they understand - watermelon - looking time experiment. took experiment and turned it into something with no words. 2 experimenters present. same sally ann experiment acting it out. Probability - piaget did experiment with younger kids - put marbles in bag (two colours) and asked which is more likely to be pulled. - child will look longer at unexpected result. Piaget - did not have eye tracking, and other technologies to base off of. was able to ask. very verbal. can sometimes underestimate what kids understand. sometimes kids cannot tell you what they think, but they can show you. Parenting - dianna baumrind - 4 parenting styles based on 2 dimensions of parenting - dimensions - parental responsiveness - idea of how responsive are you to your kids. parental demandingness - how much do you ask of your children. - 4 styles - permissive - low in demandingness but very high in responsiveness. parents that give in to child. let kids do whatever they want. dont want to be too hard on them .tends to have mediocre outcomes in terms of child development. kids tend not to like and respect them as much as they would hope. - uninvolved - low in demandingness and low in responsiveness. parents who dont require mature behaviour from children. kind of parent what says ‘ i dont care what you do’ . puts child at high risk. child feels lost and unwanted - authoritarian - high in demandingness and low in responsiveness. is very obidience and status oriented. might rely a lot on punishment. high expectations of children. mixed outcomes. kids often are fairly siccessful, but also feel as though they didnt get to do things that they wanted to do. - authoritative - high in demandingness and responsiveness tends to be most supportive and associated with best outcomes. warm and communicate well. respect childs independance, but stll has rules. willing to listen to what child wants to do. - parents can change as child grows up. how has parenting changed? - ppl are having less children. - n
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