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Stephanie Denison

Module 17: Industrial and Organizational Psychology (17.1)Personnel Psych: Hiring and Maintaining an Effective Workforce Job Analysis: Process of writing a detailed description of a position in terms of the required knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics required to succeed, as well as evaluating the value of the position for the overall organization KSAOs: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other traits required for a specific job Incumbents: People who already hold the job Subject-Matter Experts: People who have technical expertise related to the job Job Crafting: Taking on or creating additional roles and tasks for a position over time Unstructured Interview: An employer discusses a variety of job and personality-related topics with a candidate with relatively few prepared questions to guide the conversation Structured Interviews: Present the same set of questions to each job candidate with planned follow-up questions Validation Studies: Researchers administer tests to a large sample of incumbents and evaluate their performance to find correlations between job performance and personality traits or cognitive abilities Assessment Centers: Capitalize on multiple approaches to personnel selection by combining personality, cognitive, and sometimes physical ability tests Job Simulations: Role-playing activities that are very similar to situations encountered in the actual job 360-Degree Feedback: Employee rece
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