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Lecture 1 + required readings Introductory class for PSYCH101 + textbook notes take from each section of related readings

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University of Waterloo
Richard Ennis

Lecture 1 Intro to PsychologyThe Basic ModelEnvironment interaction with PersonBehaviorOutcomeExamples of the effects of our environment on our behaviorHeat no matter how motivated you are chances are if you are unbearably hot you will lose energy and in turn be less motivatedOther people it can go more than one wayIf there is a crowd watching you rather than no one you can either be much more motivated and more willing to work harder or you can become shy and less likely to performPxE Person interacting with the environmentBehavior is a result of PxEPxEBehavior and PxEBOutcomeThe ABCs of PsychologyA affect emotions feelings moods B behavior actions C cognitive thought processes reasoning decision making You cannot gain a clear assessment of anything without observing all three componentsPerspectives of PsychologyPsychodynamicthe place to look for an understanding of human actions and behaviors is inside the person In the unconscious mindWhen you look for treatment of psychological problems this type of psychologist would be the one you would see FreudBehavioralopposed to Psychodynamic believed that Freud and his colleagues were stupid and that there was no validity to their ideasThe primary focus of this area was in the behavior of the person as you cannot measure the evidence from the unconscious mind whereas in behavior you can ie Pavlovs dog Pavlov based all on surroundings
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