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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Lecture notes

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Richard Ennis

Lecture 4 Sensation and PerceptionSensation process by which we bring in external energy sources into out CNSPerception making sense of the external energy sources brought in through sensationie12A 13 C14The middle characters can either be perceived as 13 or a capital BSensation physical sensing of environmentphysiological processrelatively objectivelearningexperience not requiredie chalk on a boardPerception mental interpretation of environmentpsychological processrelatively subjectivedependant on learningexperienceie words on a boardTransduction translation of external info into neurotal languageVision electricalostimulus energy light wavesosensory receptors photosensitive rods and cones in retinaosensory transduction photoreceptorsoptic nervethalamusvisual cortex of occipital lobesAudition electricalostimulus energy sound wavesosensory receptors pressure sensitive hair cells in cochlea of inner earosensory transduction tympanic membraneossiclescochleabasilar membraneauditory nervethalamusauditory cortex of temporal lobesOlfaction smell chemicalostimulus energy shape of molecules in inhaled airosensory receptors mucous membrane of nose osensory transduction mucous membraneolfactory nervelimbicsystemGustation taste chemicalostimulus energy shape of molecules dissolved in salivaosensory receptors tongueosensory transduction taste cells in taste budsfacial nervethalamustaste receptors throughout brainTactile chemicalostimulus energy touch temperature painosensory receptors sensory neurons in skin
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