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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 required reading from the required textbooks readings, Module 8

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Richard Ennis

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Developing through the life span 81Developmental psychologist o Study physicalcognitive and social changes throughout the human life cycleThree areas of change its issues o NaturenurtureHow do genetic inheritance and experience influence our development o ContinuitystagesIs development a gradual continuous process like riding an escalator or does it proceed through a sequence of separate stages like climbing rungs on a ladder o StabilitychangeDo our early personality traits persist through life or do we become different persons as we age Prenatal Development and the Newborn 82 conceptionSperm cells approach the egg that is 85000 times biggerSperm cells that reach the egg releases digestive enzymes to break away the eggs protective coatingAs one sperm cell penetrates through the protective coating the egg blocks out all the other cells and sprouts
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