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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 required reading Module 9

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Richard Ennis

Infancy and Childhood Objective 91 describe some developmental changes in a childs brain and explain why maturation accounts for many of our similaritiesAges 36 brain development in the frontal lobes is most pronouncesDevelopment of the associated areas of the vortex enable thinking memory and languageBrain pathways will develop and strengthen with use until pubertyMaturation guides infants along the same general course of development Objective 92 outline four events in the motor development sequence from birth to toddlerhoodand to evaluate the effects of maturation and experience on that sequenceBabies follow the same sequence Rolling overSitting unsupportedCrawlingWalkingExperience has little influence Maturation enables these events Objective 93 explain why we have few memories of experiences during our first three years of lifeInfantile amnesiaan inability to recall memories before the age of 3 results from a change in the way the brain organizes memoriesAs infants get older their memory bank grows to enable the infant to store more memories Objective 94 state Piagets understanding of how the mind develops and discuss the importance of assimilation and accommodation in this processChildrens reasoning develops in stages and that children actively construct and modify their understanding of the
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