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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 required readings Module 18

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Richard Ennis

Objective 181 discuss the history of psychologys study of consciousness and contrast conscious and unconscious information processingConsciousnesso Defined as out awareness of ourselves and our environment o Occurs in the normal states of seeing hearing reasoning and remembering Psychology began as the study of consciousness but under behaviourists turned the study into an observable behaviourConscious processingo Serial and relatively slow o Focused state of awareness enables us to perform voluntary acts solve novel problems and communicate with othersUnconscious processing o Perform familiar tasks automatically o Sensory systems and neural pathways register stimuli rapidly and simultaneously on multiple tracks 182 distinguish four types of biological rhythms and give an example of eachInternal biological clocks circadian rhythm create periodical physiological fluctuationsCycles occur annually as in seasonal variations in mood and appetite o Every 28 days womens menstrual cycle o Every 24 hours daily cycles of alertness o Every 90 minutes human sleep stages Objective 183 describe the cycle of our circadian rhythm and identify some events that can disrupt this biological clock24 hour cycle regulates our daily schedu
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