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Midterm #1 Review: Modules 1-4, 6-8, 13-16 Since a lot of the midterm material was not covered in the lectures, this is a document of all the key points that are from the textbook that you should know for the miderm as well as the final exam. more than 1

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Amanda Clark

thTextbook Notes Psychology 9 Edition in Modules Sept 2310 Module 1 Wundtfirst psychological laboratory StructuralismTitchener Wundts studentdiscover the structure of the mind through introspection reporting elements of experience FunctionalismJames how our mental and behavioural processes function thinking was developed because it as adaptivefor survival BehaviourismWatson and Skinneran objective science observe peoples behaviours as they respond to different things Humanistic psychologyrather than early childhood emphasized the importance of current environmental influences on our growth how we need love and acceptance Cognitive neurosciencestudy of brain activity linked with mental activity Psychologyscience of behaviour and mental processes Biopsychosocial approachconsiders the influences of biological psychological and socialcultural factors in analysisModule 2 Hindsight biastendency to believe after learning an outcome that we would have foreseen itknown as the Iknewitallalong phenomenon common sense more easily describes what has happened than what will happen Critical thinkingexamining assumptions discerning hidden values evaluating evidence Cultureenduring behaviours ideas attitudes and traditions shared by a group of peopleModule 3 Theoryexplains through an integrated set of principles that organizes observations and predicts behaviours or events Hypothesisa testable prediction often implied by theory
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