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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: Physical, Cognitive and Social Development These are summaries of the modules for lecture 6. It contains modules 13-16

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University of Waterloo
Steve Spencer

Module 13 Prenatal Development and the Newborn Starts when a womans ovary releases a mature eggFewer than half of all fertilized eggs called zygotes survive beyond the first 2 weeks Within the first week cells begin to differentiateApproximately 10 days after conception the zygote attaches to the mothers uterine wallZygotes inner cell become the embryo By 9 weeks embryo looks unmistakably human is now a fetus The placenta transfers nutrients and oxygen from mother to fetus as well as screens out harmful substances o Sometimes substances slip teratogens like if the mom has HIV the baby may get this as wellPregnant smokers can cause serious harm to baby not receive enough nutrientsDrinking while pregnant may cause the baby to be alcohol dependento Can also affect the fetal brain o Persistent drinking can put fetus at risk for birth defects and intellectual disabilityTHE COMPETENT NEWBORNHabituation a decrease in responding with repeated stimulationModule 14 Infancy and Childhood Brain overproduces neurons
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