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Lecture 3

Lecture Three Neuropsychology

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Richard Ennis

Lecture 3 NeuropsychologyP x Ein order to interact with your environment effectively two things must occur1You must be able to detect the world outside of yourself sensation and perceptual process and then be able to interpret the detections 2And in turn you must be able to respondbehave to your worldie Baseball coming at your faceIncoming processes is known as an afferent process and outgoing processes are known as efferent processesVirtually all of our thoughts feelings and actions can be brought down to a neurons reactionThe NeuronNeurons vary widely in shape and sizeThey all contain1Cell body soma nerve centre of the cell contains the nucleus2Dendrites extensions of the cell body branchlike in appearance3Axon a stem that comes out of the nucleus varies dramatically in length4Terminal endings essential part of the neuronThere are different types of neurons categorized by their job1Sensory neurons devoted to the afferent process getting information to the brainaAfferent directionbComes from the sensory organs via the dendritescGoes to the CNS via the axonsdApprox 23 million2Motor neurons devoted to the efferent process taking information out of the brain and transmit it to the musclesglands of the body to trigger a reactionaEfferent directionbComes from the CNS via the dendritescGoes to the Muscles and Glands via the axonsdApprox 23 million3Interneurons exist directly inside the CNS complete all the translationsinterpretationsaCommunicates only with other neuronsbApprox 10100 billioncUsing their terminal endings they communicate with the motor and sensory neuronsThere was a debate about whether the brain was run on electrical currents or chemical reactionsThe first discovery on the matter
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