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Lecture 5

Lecture Five Learning

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Richard Ennis

Lecture 5 LearningLearning as Contiguity Associations How we put things together in our mindoie Chevygirl example1Pretty girlarousal2Chevyno arousal3Pretty girlChevyarousal4ChevyarousalJohn Locke all learning is a consequence of this building associations oTabula rasa children are born as blank slates and experiences are written onto themThrough these associations the child learns about the things in their worldoie Mommymilk associationIvan Pavlov a biologist not a psychologist but best known for his psychology researchReceived a Nobel Prize for his works with the digestive systemoConducted experiments looking into a dogs digestive system through a window he surgically installedoPsychic secretions occurred as Pavlov called them when the dogs were starved and then shown foodoClassical Pavlovian Conditioning Pavlovs Dog1foodsalivation2bellno salivation3bellfoodsalivation4bellsalivationExisting StimulusResponse Unconditioned Stimulus Unconditioned Response BehaviourfoodsalivationNeutral Stimulus bellNo salivationNew StimulusResponse Neutral Stimulus bellUnconditioned Response BehaviourUnconditioned Stimulus salivationfoodBehavioural ChangeConditioned Stimulus bellConditioned Response salivationClassical conditioning does not require conscious effortIt occurs naturallyLearning is a relatively permanent acquisition of new behaviour as a result of experienceAnything that can be learned can be unlearned as welloAcquisition beginning to make the association between objectsoExtinction if the neutral and unconditioned stimuli arent paired together for a protracted period of time the new stimulus response weakensoGeneralization any stimuli that we perceive as being similar to the conditioned stimulus also acquires the ability to illicit the response
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