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Lecture 7

Lecture Seven Motivation

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Richard Ennis

Lecture 7 MotivationOutlineBasic Model and ConceptsMechanistic ApproachInternal Push Instincts Needs and DrivesExternal Pull IncentivesHumanistic ApproachHierarchy of Needs MaslowExpectancy ApproachExpectancyValue theory MurraySelfEfficacy Theory BanduraCognitive ApproachCognitive Evaluation Theory DeciGoal Setting Theory Locke and LathamSocial ApproachSocial Identity Theory Tajfel and TurnerMotivation is the theories used to explain the motion of humansWe are not as predictable as say the theory of gravityIf it were possible to predict a persons actions even 30 of the time the theory discovered would be highly impressiveMotivation is an inferred variableIt is used to infer a psychological state which has gone to explain the behaviour of an individualBehaviour X PersonEnvironmentOutcomesWhyThe quantity of energy used in the behaviour is one of the determining factors that help to identify the underlying motiveoie Intensityarousal persistence choicesMechanistic Modelapplies to any living organismInstinctive behaviour we do not choose to do these things we did not learn them we are born with this behavioural response built in Drives responses from withinoie infant sucking response fight or flight response instinctive attachment imprintingNeeds are a hydraulic modelIt depends on the needs of your body whether or not you act on these behaviours pressure or force of the driveoie need for waterfoodoWhen the need increases the drive increases
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