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Developmental Psychology This is the lecture outline, as provided by Dr. Ennis, with my own annotations.

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Richard Ennis

1DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGYLecture OutlineTA Info Colleen Merrifield cmerrifuwaterlooca PAS 3204 Thursday 10301130Background The Industrial RevolutionAround 1900sMost dramatic technological advancements in our historyManufacturing takes off particularly in England also Canada and the USLowest point of the history of ChildrenoChildren especially in England begin to suffer a terrible lifeoNo universal educational programoWould begin starting at the age of 6 intense labouroGiven some of the most dangerous and dirty jobsoSerious injury and death were commonoPeople viewed children as miniature adults sapling theoryBelieved children only grow in size and do not develop mentallyoSome people did not believe the sapling theory and developed the caterpillar theoryChildren are unique creatures not small adultsAt some point on their development children suddenly became an adultSigmund Freud saw Childhood as going through different psychosexual stagesJean Piaget saw childhood as going through different neurological stages thinking stagesoAround 1930s child labour laws come into effectoUniversal Education is developedAAffective Development Attachment Theory How children develop the emotion of love1950s Two Theories of AttachmentStudy how children develop an emotional bond with their caregiver usually motherSigmund FreudoSecondary to a Primary instinct on a part of the instinct SexoChild beings in the Oral Psychosexual Development BreastfeedingMommy I want some booby sexoChild develops an affection because of the sexBehaviorist theoriesoAlso argued that love is secondary to a primary factoroThe child becomes conditioned to enjoy the presence of his mother because of the care the mother providesoThis can be interpreted as loveNobody argued that love was a Primary factorHarry Harlow U of WisconsinStrict behavioristDid research with monkeysPrimates are separated from their mother immediately after birth because in captivity mother often kills her babiesMoney babies would not want to give up their used diapersNo learning was taking place they were always attached to the poopoo diaperHarlow thought that babies may be prewired to form an emotional connection with someone from their own species a creature in their environmentoThis theory made Evolutionary senseoHarlow began to think that love may be a Primary emotion as opposed to SecondaryoDiapers may represent mothers to the monkey infantsBasic Research Design and Results
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